Búðardalur, Islanti

The view from my terrace

The view from my terrace

The view from my terrace

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April 04, 2020 - April 14, 2020 10 days

We are looking for an exchange for the Easter holiday as close to Sønderborg as possible.

June 15, 2020 - July 20, 2020 1 weeks

We are looking for an exchange in Montreal during this period. We would only stay for about 1 week but my house is available for about 4 weeks while we are visiting friends and family in Seattle and British Colombia and then ending our trip in Montreal.

A rather new duplex house in west Iceland, right by the sea, with a magnificent view over the fjord, from the backyard

My house is a wooden duplex house in a very small village in west Iceland. It is about 130 sqm and has a garden with a magnificent view over the fjord. It has an open kitchen into the living room, one bathroom, 3 bedrooms, laundry room and a garage that can be used as a bedroom. From this village, it is easy to take day trips to all directions and one could manage to see a big part of the country by just taking day trips from there. Dalasýsla region has many historical places and the people is proud of their heritage that we can trace to the Norwegian Vikings and an Irish princess.The past is hidden in every corner, place names and farm names. The surroundings also have many of the most beautiful places in Iceland where one can really enjoy the nature.

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  • School secretary
  • Retired


  • Asunnon tyyppi: Yksikerroksinen talo
  • Ympäristöstä: Maaseudulla
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  • Majoituskapasiteetti: 6
  • Kokonaisalue: 136 m2



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  • Avoin kaikille tarjouksille
  • 6400 Sønderborg, Denmark
  • Montreal, QC, Canada

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  • English
  • Français
  • Islenska


Lähin lentokenttä: Keflavík airport - c.a. 200 km

From Búðardalur one can take many day trips to different directions, such as the popular destination of Snæfellsnes is right "by the corner" as is the beautiful Westfjords and Borgarfjörður with all its beauty. Then within just an hour you are in the north part of the country. In Dalasýsla (region of Búðardalur) there is untouched nature and a lot of history. They say that in this region we have the most history (icelandic sagas) in as small area in the whole country.


  • School secretary
  • Retired


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I am a single mother of one son who likes to travel the world. I have already traveled a lot when I was younger and I am starting again now, have traveled quite a lot the last two years or so. Did an exchange in France the summer of 2017, then with my grandmother and my son. The summer of 2018 I did an exchange in Spain (through another website/friend), with my son and my then 17 years old foster daughter. Then for Easter 2019 we did an exchange in Ireland, then with my grandmother again.


I like to see new things, getting to know new people in new cultures and to taste local food of each country.
I speak Icelandic, English and French fluently (or almost) and on top of that I have learned Italian, Spanish and Danish but have not used those last 3 as much but I try and really like to learn new languages :)

I was an exchange student in France 20 years ago and therefore have a lot of friends and host family in France. Then I have hosted an exchange student 2 times here in my home, a girl from China and a girl from Germany. I volunteer a lot with my exchange organisation and love spending time with people from all over the world at any age. My goal is also to see the whole world ;)


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